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Welcome to The Ranches of Sonterra Website!
Please follow the link to the new page under the For Owners header"

~ Upcoming Events ~
Board Officer and Director Election
Monday, February 1st to Thursday, April 1st
Board Officer and Director 2021-23 Election
Ranches of Sonterra Board nominations being accepted for 
Director #1 – Organizational/Operations Liaison
Director #2 – Land Management & Environmental Liaison
Please consider how you might help keep your association running smoothly.  Meetings take one to two hours a month and can be done remotely.  It could take an additional 2-3 hours of your time, depending on the job.
Check the webpage  upcoming events for details and the bylaws for job descriptions.  A nomination form is attached.
Ballot & Election Committee and the Board
Nomination Procedures:
Completely fill in the following nomination forms, after confirming the nominee’s willingness to
serve.  Please do not nominate someone without their knowledge or agreement to serve.
Qualifications for service are presented in Sub-Section 4.2.2 of the Bylaws; and Sub-Section 5.3.2. of the Bylaws.  A member may be nominated for one position and must be a Property Owner in good standing.  The duties and powers of the Board of Directors and the specific offices open for nomination are described in Article V of the Bylaws.
A statement of nominee’s qualifications, experience and goals relative to the particular Position is required from all nominees in order to advance to candidacy.  The statement should be no longer than one half of a standard 8 X 11 page, typed with the standard 11 sized font, and willingness to be published for the membership prior to the election.
Nomination forms must be completed, signed, statements of qualifications/experience attached, and mailed (USPS) to the Ranches of Sonterra, Attn:  Ballot & Election Committee, 106 Sonterra Dr., Alto, NM 88312.  All nomination materials must be received by April 1, 2021.

Officer and Director Nomination Form 2021-23
Nominations are invited for the 2021-23 ROSPOA election of Officers and Directors to include the following positions:
Nomination for the office of Secretary (Two-year term: July, 2021 July, 2023)

I nominate______________________________________________________________for Secretary.
                                            (Please print name of nominee)
Nominee's Address_________________________________________________________________
Tel. #_________________________________________email if known_______________________
I have confirmed with the nominee his/her willingness to serve.
Nominator's Signature______________________________________________ Tract #____________
Please print your Name___________________________________________ Date_______________
Nomination for the position of Director #1 Organizational/Operations 
(Two-year term: July, 2021 – July, 2023)
I nominate____________________________________________________________for Director #1.
Nominee's Address__________________________________________________________________
                                                      (Please print name of nominee)
Tel. #_______________________________________email if known________________________
I have confirmed with the nominee his/her willingness to serve.
Nominator's Signature_______________________________________________ Tract #__________
Please print your name_________________________________________Date__________________
Nomination for the position of Director #2 Land Management 
(Two-year term: July, 2021 – July, 2023)
I nominate____________________________________________________________for Director #2.
Nominee's Address______________________________________________________________
                                                           (Please print name of nominee)
Tel. #________________________________________email if known________________________
I have confirmed with the nominee his/her willingness to serve.
Nominator's Signature__________________________________________________Tract #________
Please print your name_______________________________________________Date_____________
Please submit or mail your nomination form by April 1, 2021 to the following address:
 ROSPOA /Attn. Nomination Committee
  106 Sonterra Dr., Alto, NM 88312

~ News ~
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~ Property Owner's Helper ~
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~ Notices ~
2019 Upper Hondo SWCD Noxious Weed Cost-share Program
Posted on Apr 16th, 2019
The Upper Hondo Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is once again offering a noxious weed control cost-share program.  The program reimburses individual ROS property owners up to 50% of the total project cost, up to $500.  Property owners have two options for treatment:
  • The property owner purchases non-restricted herbicide and applies independently.  Note that before and after pictures are required.  Herbicide can be purchased at the Upper Hondo SWCD office in Capitan.  The individual property owner files the cost-share application with Upper Hondo SWCD, along with the before and after pictures.
  • The landowner hires a licensed, commercial application company and attains an estimate for the project.  Once the company treats the noxious weeds, the cost estimate is used for reimbursement and needs to accompany the cost-share application.  A representative from Upper Hondo SWCD will visit the property to ensure the work was done.
The ROS uses Alto Weed Control to treat noxious weeds on our county right-of-ways.  The contact information is:
Alto Weed Control
Sonny Pool:
(P) 575-626-3854
(E) spool172@gmail.com
(M) PO Box 308 Alto, NM 88312
Please use this link to download the Lincoln County Cooperative Weed Management Cost-Share Application.
Firewise Defensible Fire Costs
Posted on Jan 14th, 2019
Please click on this link to download the 2019 Firewise Expense Reporting form.