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Proposed Concrete Batch Plant

aka “AIRPORT ROAD” or 
Roper Construction Inc. has applied to the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) for an Air Quality Permit associated with the construction of a Concrete Batch Plant (CBP) 0.35 miles east of the intersection of Highways 48 and 220 on the north side of Hwy. 220 (Airport Road).  The permit application is available online here:  https://www.env.nm.gov/air-quality/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/06/AQBP-Roper-AltoCBP-Application-Recv-2021.06.22.pdf
Given proximity to a number of neighborhoods & other businesses, and the White Mountain Wilderness Area,  hazardous air emissions, the enormous volume of water used in manufacturing concrete, production of wastewater and potential ground & surface water contamination, road degradation, noise, impact on wildlife, nighttime lighting etc., anyone would be hard pressed to make the argument that rural, pristine acreage is a “reasonable use of property” as cited in New Mexico statutory law.
The location of the proposed CBP, and its relationship to local area points of interest are illustrated here
Due to the level of public interest (objection) to the proposed concrete batch plant, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) has granted a public hearing regarding the facility's air quality application.  We have been informed by NMED that the hearing will be held in the Alto/Ruidoso area this winter; however, the exact date and location have not been determined.
The Alto Coalition for Environmental Preservation & The Ranches of Sonterra 
The Alto Coalition for Environmental Preservation (Alto CEP) has been formed  to facilitate a legal objection to the proposed CBP.  The Alto CBP consists of individual residents, neighborhood  property owner associations and businesses in the Alto-Ruidoso-Ruidoso Downs area.  The Alto CEP’s mission is to consolidate the resources and opinions of the members and provide a coherent legal opposition to the permitting, construction, and operation of the proposed CBP.  
The briefing given by Mark Severance describing the organization of the Alto CEP is available here
The Alto CEP has been included as a committee member to the Ranches of Sonterra Property Owners Association (ROSPOA), a registered 501.3 non-profit corporation.  The ROSPOA has initially provided $10,000 to engage and pay for initial work by Attorney Thomas Hnasko of Hinkle Shanor LLP in Santa Fe.  Mr. Hnasko is a well-known and highly regarded specialist in environmental and natural resources law.  Mr. Hnasko’s Letter of Engagement with ROSPOA can be found here
Funding for the Alto CEP
Given the complexity of our case, the legal fees are anticipated to be substantial.
Since ROSPOA is registered non-profit corporation, it will be used to raise funds for and pay for all attorney fees.  ROSPOA has created a dedicated account within their corporation to pay all legal fees.  This account will be managed by the ROSPOA Registered Agent:  Phyllis Bewley, CPA, of Ruidoso.
ROSPOA does not have the financial resources to fund this case alone.  
If sufficient funds are not available to cover legal fees, as billed on a monthly basis, the legal work on our case must, and will, be halted. 
Non-Tax Deductible donations to the Alto CEP may be made in several ways: 
1.     A check or money payable to ROSPOA sent to: 
ROSPOA Registered Agent:  Phyllis Bewley CPA
            P.O. Box 123
            Ruidoso NM 88355
            (Please include notation “CBP Legal Fund”)
2.     Via link to PayPal at:  
3.     In the future, via link to PayPal at the Alto CEP’s website: altocep.org 
(currently under construction)
Monthly statements for this account will be posted at theranchesofsonterra.com and altocep.org  
The identity of all donors will be made anonymous, but donations will be posted by amount and date.
How Else Can You Help?
 A letter was recently mailed to you concerning the concrete batch plant proposed to be developed in our area. If you would like to personalize the letter, please download it here. Feel free to pass this letter on to others who are opposed to this plant being developed in our area. We need you to help keep this from happening. Mail the letter which was sent to you, or download it and personalize it to be mailed off. Please email a copy of your correspondence to Mark Severance at:  mseverance@comcast.net for our records.  Copies of all letters of objection will be used as evidence in the upcoming NMED Hearing.